Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Bunny

This past Tuesday we headed to the MOA to take the kiddos to see the Easter Bunny! All 3 kids did great, although they weren't quite in the mood to sit and have their pictures taken (the girls sat, they just didn't want to focus on smiling...). Leo was excited to see the Bunny, then was overcome with this blank stare while sitting there. When the girls sat with the Bunny, Leo thought is was pretty funny- he tried running to Lily- so we sat Leo with them, but he wouldn't stay for the photo opp.

Here's a pic of Leo & I with our friends, April & Stewart! They met us out at the mall to join in the Easter Bunny fun! Leo and Stewart are just over a month apart in age and both boys made April and I Mommas through Adoption!

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  1. Love how the pics turned out! So thankful for a friend like you who just gets this journey to motherhood! :)