Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big Boy Bed!

Leo officially learned how to climb out of his crib this week- well, almost out of his crib... He got stuck on top of the rails and yelled "Stuck!" until Nate ran up to get him down. This was during naptime on Monday, so Monday evening we decided to take one side of the crib rail off to see what Leo's reaction was. Well, he was all smiles!

We bought a guard to go along his mattress to keep him from falling out and installed it before bedtime- Leo was really excited that he was able to climb in and out on his own!

Bedtime came and somehow his bed was now the coolest play thing he'd ever seen, because he went crazy laughing while climbing in and out of it- over and over for about 20 minutes. Nate and I couldn't get him calmed down at all- he just wanted to play! Needless to say, we both grew tired of telling him to get back into bed, putting him back into his bed, and at one point chasing him down the stairs as he thought he'd move playtime downstairs at 10 pm. At that point, Nate put the crib rail back onto Leo's crib and we lined pillows below in case he was going to climb out.

On Tuesday, Leo fell asleep in the car on the way home from the mall- so Nate transferred a sleeping boy from the car into his crib (with only the guard on the side)- we counted it as a success, that Leo slept in his big boy bed for nap! After he woke up, we made sure to really praise him for being such a big boy! Bedtime that night took 1 hour and 15 minutes to get Leo to stay in his bed and fall asleep! But, he did it! And, like usual he slept through the night too!

Wednesday's naptime took only 20 minutes with bedtime taking about 30 minutes! Woo-hoo! He really was ready for a big boy bed! This will certainly make it easier when we move. I have been on the fence about what to do for his new room- do we keep him in the crib? Buy a toddler bed? Move him right to a twin size bed? Have the crib and a bed in his room? Our goal now is to have him close to being done with his crib when we move in May and hopefully sleeping in a twin size bed in the new house. 

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  1. Wahoo! Sure hope we have this much success this weekend! :)